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I'm Michael Raymond Pereira. I make Jewelry. Some of it is pretty straight forward but most of it is not. I enjoy the challange of taking an object and making it into something it was never intended to be. I share a lot of how I do that here. Throw me a line if you have any questions thoughts or concerns. Like most humans, I like to chat about what I do.
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The Bronze and Brass crystal ring is an exact copy of my 2 Finger Quartz Crystal Ring. A mold was made of that ring and shot with wax. In wax form, I separated the crystal from the ring. I then cast the crystal in Bronze and the ring in White brass. The two parts where soldered back together and the Bronze crystal was let to sit in a Green oxidizing solution, thus giving it that greenish hue. The default size is size 10 for the smaller finger and 11 for the lager finger.