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I'm Michael Raymond Pereira. The son of the Man, the Myth, the Legend and yes Jeweler, Raymond Pereira. This is the my outlet to share my trials, tribulations, tragedies and of course the victories of my Jewelry career. Come hang out with me for a while.
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The Bottom chain completed. Going to have this and the tubing Rhodium plated on Mon. The byzantine chain will stay brass. 

Soldering Away. The piece I’m soldering the jump ring to I stamped my logo all the way around. It’s all about the detail! 

Smashing the same larger tubing I used for the end caps to make the connecting chain.

Soldering the end caps that the CZ’s will sit in.

Cutting the notches and the holes for the chain to attach.

Decided to jump to the tubing. I can’t do one thing for too long. I jump from project to project and task to task. I never want to get board. I always finish what I start though, thanks mom for that. 

And the chain making has begun.

Cutting Jump Rings

Making wire coils for the jump rings 

Twice this much and I’ll have enough for the chain.